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  Read an essay about Dachau.

See a video from Dachau.

entrance to Dachau

the road in

entrance gate at Jourhaus

entrance gate at Jourhaus

roll call area

Guard house at the rear. Trenches to keep prisoners from escaping.

reconstructed barracks

bunks in the barracks

bunks in the barracks

bunks in the barracks

crematorium building

waiting room for the "showers"

gas chamber

room where bodies were piles waiting for cremation

Ovens. Hangings were done from these rafters.

old crematorium across the road

memorial garden

memorial garden

The Bunker courtyard, scene of brutal torture and pole hangings

the edge of "The Bunker" and new homes outside the camp.

same houses taken from outside the camp

aerial map from three days before liberation



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